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GLS Quartz Factory History
GLS quartz factory officially established in 1995,its a private owned company,transfered from a state-owned business in the 90's,produce quartz products mainly for country use at that time.The fisrt owner is one of the best experienced technicist in China back to the 70'-80',he even participated in the design and production of the crystal sarcophagus of the founder of China(President Mao),which is open to visitors now at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing.Currently our factory mainly supply quartz crucible for industrial use and singing instruments,we have our own R&D department,2 factory sites in North and South of China,has become one of the leading supplier in quartz products industry.
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Quartz Singing Bowl Details
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Crystal Singing Bowl Introduction
GLS Crystal singing bowls are made from silica sand which is pure quartz in nature.The quartz sand is dropped into a centrifugal force spinning mold, and at the proper instant, in the center of that mold, there is an electric arc torch that is ignited to more than 4000 degrees centigrade. It integrates the individual particles of sand into an amorphous unified whole, which goes from being crystalline in nature to being amorphous - or glass - in nature.

GLS factory manufacture crystal bowls since 1995.We have built leading quality control system in singing bowl industry,with ISO9001 certificate.Currently our main customers are in Europe countries,America,Australia,Canada,Japan,Nepal,India etc.

GLS Quartz's high purity quartz crystal singing bowls are associated with the musical scale, C/D/E/F/G/A/B&C#/D#/F#/G#/A#. Size: 6"/7"/8"/9"/10"/11"/12"/13"/14"/16"/18"/20"/22"/24" available.These notes are in turn associated with the Seven Chakras of the Human System as picture shown on the left. The associated alpha waves coming from the bowl enhances relaxation and balancing. It is ideal for realigning energy in the body for healing, but also for use with Feng Shui in your living space, musical performance, meditation, and for spiritual workshops.


Crystal Singing Bowl Chakra
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The pure tone of crystal bowls produces a vibrational sound field which resonates the light body chakra and corresponding physical area. A series of pure crystal tone therapy facilitates the rebalancing of each receiver back into an elevated level of etheric radiance. Clear quartz contains the full spectrum of light that is related to the seven energy centers (chakras) and thus heals the listener by bringing pure light through sound as specific color back into the human aura. The effect is multiplied as the crystal bowls are played.
Like a powerful radio transmitter, the crystal bowls transmit energy into the atmosphere, filling a person's aura with vibrational radiance which translates into the seven main colors of the rainbow. Through the pure crystal tones as the sound effects brain wave activity one can travel into an altered state of consciousness . As different parts of the brain are affected, it is probable that they release different hormones and neuro-chemicals which can suppress pain, strengthen willpower in one's creative talents and overcome addictions.

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