Quartz Bangers are a style of nail used for smoking concentrates inside of a rig or a water pipe.When shopping for a dab nail it's important to know what the differences are between them. When dabbing first started nails were made of glass and required a dome to go over it. As dabbing became popular, titanium and ceramic nails were introduced with a domeless design that required no dome and were much more efficient at heat retention and capturing all of your vapor. With dabbing now being mainstream there has been an explosion of new products and innovation in the industry. The most popular type of dab nail nowadays is by far quartz nails and we will explain why below.
Quartz nails are made from quartz, not glass and can withstand extreme temperatures without breaking. Quartz nails will last significantly longer than a traditional glass nail because of their ability to absorb heat. Another benefit of using a quartz nail is they heat up three times quicker than a ceramic or titanium nail that means you can enjoy your concentrates much quicker and easier. Quartz is known to be a safer alternative to titanium or ceramic because it does not emit harmful gases when heated.

Quartz nails are also great for low-temperature dabs because the nail can be heated quickly and can then cool down to your desired temperature. Dabbing at lower tempters will give you better flavor and the best effects from your concentrates. Even though quartz can withstand extreme temperature it is still important not to overheat it because repeatedly exposing it to excessive heat can damage or break it. Basically, we mean don’t heat your nail to glowing red hot every time you use it and you will be just fine.