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GLS's electrothermal film quartz tube(also called coated quartz tube) is transpatrent quartz tube with a special coating,main elements SnO2:F.Electrothemal film quartz tube has 98% thermal efficiency,increased by 20%-30% compared with that of traditional metallic resistance.Film quartz tube are healthy&safe,the coating is outside of tube while heated fluid flows through the tube,no direct contact.The film can conduct electricity,and since the good insulation of quartz material, the coated quartz tube are suitable for connection and installation.

GLS coating quartz tube mainly used for electric heaters,such as instant electric water heater, calorifier;Alkaline water purifier;Oven heating tube,Fish tank heating tube ect. ELectrothermal film quartz tubes achieve high heating temperature,high efficiency and long service time.

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