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     GLS Quartz is a China supplier of quartz products solution. With quartz material character of 99.99+% high purity,temperature stability, corrosion resistant,our products are widely used in :Laboratory,Lamping,Semiconductor,Solar Silicon,University Research,Medical ect.

Our custom glass fabrication capabilities make sure shapes can be combined with custom precision bores of virtually any shape.Trying to lower cost and find new possibilities?No problem! GLS engineering team is waiting for your inquiry.

Quartz are NECESSARY in many industries:

UV sterilizing lamp


Coffee machine heating tube


Photovoltaic power generation

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Recommendation from customer:

Diane and her team has worked in foreign trade business since 2012.She is a professional with the ability to listen to your ideas and requirments and mold everything into a top notch end product.With domain knowledge of quartz products,fluent language skill,Diane is a hard worker and creative thinker with a positive can-do attitude.
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Self introduction:

Hi there,this is David.My background was used to be an architect of construction.After my five years working with buildings and project engineering,I am ready to do something more challenging and promising.That is why I choose GLS
 quartz,it is a company with vitality and innovation in it's culture.If you need any quartz products,I am ready to help.

Other quartz products

Quartz glass tube: fused quartz tube ,filmed quartz tube,both clear and white opaque.
Besides of quartz glass tube,we also supply quartz finished products such as crucible(singing bowl),quartz disc,quartz boat,quartz lab reaserch parts,sterillizer ect.
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